When I was first married, I gained a mentor that changed my life for the better. She quickly became my spiritual mother who helped me in every single way of life in those early newlywed days. I respected her right from the start and soaked up all of her advice. I could spend hours listing out all the ways she helped me in life. But, one of the best things she did for me was encouraging me to journal.

Through the years, I utilized journaling to write out my prayers, both praises and requests. I also wrote in my journal as a way to process through all my many my feelings. My bookshelf began to fill with many journals full of great memories of working in ministry, pregnancies, friendships, losses, and so much more. Writing in a journal was a gift to me! And I was so grateful that my mentor shared with me about it.

Then in October 2013, we went through a very difficult time as a family. We had a house fire. We lost almost everything inside the house due to fire and water damage.  I still grieve over all the items we lost. However, the item that hurt the most was my bookshelf full of journals. 7 years full of journals. Those 7 years was gone in a flash and the hurt was deep.

Over the past 7 years, I have tried to journal again but I was never able to fully pour myself back in. The loss hurt deeply. We’ve all had losses that hurt so bad you can hardly get back there. Until 2020, all changed.

Life today isn’t a new normal. It’s an unprecedented time. A few weeks ago, I woke up with a brain full of thoughts running in my head. And I heard the Lord say “write it down, my child.” And I listened. I found a blank journal and began to write. Now I haven’t been able to stop.

My broken heart is being healed … one word at a time and one page after another.

I will leave you with this, if you have never written in a journal before, I implore you to give it a chance. It might just improve your perspective as it has mine.


By Rachael Walkup

Rachael is a wife to Greg, mother of Finn and Selah, blogger, and owner of Cumming Local – a website dedicated to promoting events & small businesses in Cumming, GA and Forsyth County.  On her website, www.CummingLocal.com, she shares community and event information with readers and also partners with small businesses to highlight their products & services while increasing their target reach.

Photo by Carolyn V on Unsplash