My middle name is Joy because I am always full of energy and happiness. I am normally bouncing off the walls and sometimes I bounce right into them! My mom says I vibrate with energy and excitement, but not so much right now. Right now, the world is so confusing. Are any other kids as confused as me? I hate covid19.

I don’t remember what day it is? I feel sick and have been resting for a long time and I don’t even remember why I feel sick? I am sad. I miss my friends, family and my pony, Ms. Piper. I can’t see any of them right now. At least I have family to care for me. I just wish I could go play with my friends. My head hurts, and my heart hurts. Mom says that’s because I am sensitive and that’s what makes me special. I am sensitive to pollen too and it’s really bad and when I go outside, my eyes get red, puffy and swollen and I start to cough. I want to go outside and play, run and jump. I wish I could feel better soon but all I want to do is rest. That’s not what I usually do. Things are different.

Mom is teaching me new physical boundaries. So weird. It has been really extra hard for me to learn. I am 9, ok. When I see people, I always run to them and jump into their arms and hug and kiss them. I explode! I love people. Now I feel like I am doing something wrong. This is really hard to understand, kid here. I am 9. Mom says I am not doing something wrong; “we are just learning new ways to keep us safe”. I always forget these new ways. I have a really big heart. Mom says it has so much room for love, it has no limits.

No hugging, no kissing…. Distance… Covid19

Mom says, we will go back to the old ways, and learn some new ways and that everything will be okay. We will remember what’s important, like really, really important, like how to be good to each other, take care of each other and not fight about silly stuff. That people matter and things don’t. Mom says it’s really important remember what a real community is again, learn to share, and care for each other and the earth. This is all very confusing stuff for a 9 year old but I guess it is at any age, even for the people from the olden days like my parents. I hate COVID19 but mom doesn’t like the word hate, so I will say I really really dislike it but hope and pray it brings us all back together in a better way someday soon. I miss you. -ViVi

Journal Entry From a 9-Year-old – Covid19 VJR 3/22/2020