I now know for a fact that I took you for granted. At the time, it did not appear to be a luxury to be able to meet up whenever we wanted. ‘Goodbye’ and ‘See You Soon’ were said flippantly because we knew we would, next time. But when will next time come? I vaguely remember the hugs and kisses we greeted and sent each other off with, but I’m certain they happened.

Currently, the thought of physical touch with another is too much of a gamble. This is life today. Uncertain of where a threatening virus may be lurking, and definitely skeptical of all. We shared a bite, a thought, a drink and a touch without ever thinking twice. Now all we share is hope that we will see one another again on the other side of this pandemic, alive and healthy.

Next time we get the chance to be together I will appreciate you in person. I will hold you tighter in our hello hug. The lock of my embrace will relay how much I hold you close since the knot in my throat has stolen my words. I’ll pay closer attention to the connection of how my lips feel when they land on your cheek. I’ll treasure the touch of your hand in mine, trusting that we are both well. When we leave each other’s company, I really will be looking forward to arranging a time when we can be together again.

If Covid-19 has taught me anything, it’s that there is no replacement for you. Technology can put you on my screen and even transport your voice in my ear… but right now, I miss your face dear friend. I will not take you for granted again.

By Monica Miller