I remember all of the feelings after divorce from my first husband, I felt emotionally depleted. I was starting a life as a single mother with two sons and it was imperative that I create a happy home for us. It seemed like an almost impossible goal at first. But piece-by-piece, each room came together until I created a living space that we could be proud of. Our home was more than a roof over our heads; it was peaceful, and I did my best to make it as stylish as I could.

It’s typical to have difficulty getting re-established after calamity hits home, but as the saying goes, “Trouble don’t last always.” With a few easy steps, you can create a home that exudes tranquility and comfort, and delivers the kind of peace of mind that compliments a healthy lifestyle.

There are a lot of important things to consider when styling a home. Here are some tips to consider when you are in the midst of starting over.

  1. Assess your living space and conduct a furniture inventory so you know what’s needed, or what may need fixing or adjusting to provide the functionality you want in your home.
  2. What are your living essentials? There’s no need to overwhelm yourself. What matters most is that you have the basics (i.e. bed, bedding, table, chair, curtains).  The rest of your home will come together piece-by-piece and room-by-room. So be patient.
  3. Create a realistic and workable budget for decorating your home.
  4. Ask friends and family for any unused or unwanted décor pieces. They could have just the right item to go perfectly in your space.
  5. Create your new living space with an open mind and excitement. Have fun with it! Browse furniture stores and departments for ideas and inspiration on styles and décor pieces that speak to you.

If this coincides with a new phase in life, know that new beginnings can bring great fulfillment. You can indeed have inviting and calming décor and the home that you desire.

Lanada Chanel is the Principal Stylist with b.e. decors, an interior decorating, staging and styling company. b.e. cultivates sophisticated, peaceful living, work and play spaces for busy professionals to enjoy. “A beautiful space speaks to the heart of those who occupy it.” 

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