Your life is a journey. With every passing day, you travel further down the road. While traveling down this road we call life, we’ve discovered new necessities and have reached new heights. Technology is fulfilling our dreams more each day. We can now travel anywhere on earth and beyond and talk to anyone in the world often through tiny wireless devices. We can transmit information that rivals light travel. We are truly living in one of the most exciting times in history.

Even with all of the excitement of this modern age,  red lights are flashing. Because everything is more accessible, speed has increased pressure on business and home life. Therefore, we are becoming more committed to around the clock performance. As the world tries to come to terms with advances in technology, high tech communications and economic international competition, we must be more mindful, now more than ever, of our purpose. The secret? Adapting wisdom of the past to today’s exciting technological era.

As I have studied business leaders, entrepreneurs, relationships in families and owned my own business, Berni Inc, for over 30 years, there has always been one common denominator of success in life and work: continuous personal growth. Ask yourself what influences your business and personal growth and take into consideration who you spend most of your time with. It’s important to have habits, and accountable people, in place to get you back on track when life has you by the ropes.

Continuing to grow personally is a task that requires consistent work and dedication. Make a commitment to do these three things for 90 minutes a week: Pause, Reflect, and Be a Life Learner. 

Pause: We all need self care to be our best. Write down three action items for the day: things you want to accomplish, things you’re proud of, areas you’re lacking in, etc.

Reflect: On successes and failures for the day. Ask yourself–what are you grateful for? What wisdom did you gain?

Life Learner: The beauty of learning is sharing. Continue to educate yourself through readings–become wiser through words and learn how you can add value to not only someone’s day, but to their life. 

We get 168 hours in a week. If you don’t take the time to have a plan, life will dictate one for you. All it takes is 15 minutes a day six days a week. Shift your focus from your phone to your feelings and purpose. We all want to make a difference. I’ve always maintained the mission to help just one person daily. Be more intentional about your daily personal growth and watch how not only your life will change, but how the lives of those around you will be impacted. It all sparks from being mindful.