From the award-winning author of Sour Lemon and Sweet Tea comes an unforgettable story of bullying, friendship, and taking responsibility.

Julane Fisher’s Sour Lemon Strikes Out is the author’s second outing in her Sour Lemon Series and is every bit as heartwarming as the first.

Lillie Mae Liles thinks middle school will be a breeze, until movie star look-alike, Casey Culver, moves to Triple Gap and steals Lillie’s best friend. Even Lillie’s brother has a crush on Casey bigger than the Mississippi River. Disgusted with all the attention Casey receives, Lillie teams up with the school bully to make Casey’s life miserable. But when Casey agrees to play baseball on the farm, Lillie discovers she and Casey have a lot in common, and Lillie finds herself with two best friends.

When Casey reveals a shocking secret, Lillie goes to the bully to stop the plot against Casey, but it’s too late. As hateful rumors spread, Lillie faces an impossible choice. Telling the truth may cost her two best friends, but staying silent could have far deadlier consequences.

Julane Fisher is the author of The Sour Lemon Series, Southern middle grade fiction. Her blog, 2Wrds, is a collection of encouraging and inspirational stories. A huge fan of music, Julane gets much of her inspiration from song lyrics. Her favorite foods are homemade chocolate chip cookies and coffee. Julane lives in north Georgia with her husband, twin boys, and their two mischievous Labrador retrievers.

Young Readers interested in heartwarming fiction that deals with friendship and family will be clamouring to get their hands on a copy of Sour Lemon Strikes Out  and Julane Fisher’s Sour Lemon Series.

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