A Funny Book About Horrible Things

Amy Lyle sits down with her all-time favorite #1 New York Times Bestselling author, Jenny Lawson, to talk about not fitting in, rodents, and her plans to bring the President home.


Jenny Lawson: Amy, you’re in Atlanta, I’m in Houston, and I’m not sitting down.


Amy Lyle: Editorial licensing, let’s roll with it. How did you sleep last night?


Jenny Lawson: Not well but I work during bouts of insomnia, so it works out in the end.


Amy Lyle: Do you have any traditions for the holidays that you would like your daughter to carry forward?


Jenny Lawson: Yes.  The tradition of not feeling bad for not keeping up with traditions.  Although I’m sort of failing at that.


Amy Lyle: What’s the most significant New Year’s Resolution you have ever tried to accomplish?


Jenny Lawson: My annual New Year’s resolution is to not make New Year’s resolutions and I am 100% successful.  Pretty proud of that one, actually.


Amy Lyle: In your first book, Let’s Pretend This Never Happened, you describe telling a group of your husband’s co-workers how you had once been stabbed by a serial killer. Have you learned any methods that have helped you feel more comfortable in social situations?


Jenny Lawson:  I pretend to be someone else…someone who is unafraid of people.  It gives me confidence. Usually.  And if that doesn’t work there’s always Xanax.


Amy Lyle: Imagine being forced to throw a dinner party: list the absolute worst people, living or dead, to attend your party.


Jenny Lawson: I think the absolute worst people to attend my party would be dead.  That would be a very unsanitary party and might lead to cholera.  Although it would cut down on the small talk.  You know what?  I changed my mind. Living people would be the absolute worst to attend my party.


Amy Lyle: As a child, you often lived without running water but with pet raccoons (that wore tiny jam shorts that your mother made). How much do you attribute your upbringing to your love for storytelling?


Jenny Lawson: We actually had running water most of the time.  Just not in the winter when the pipes froze.  But I think my strange life was a blessing. Strange stories are the most interesting.


Amy Lyle: Your latest book, Furiously Happy, also a New York Times Bestseller, goes even deeper into your health struggles, including depression: you share that people have been supportive and whispered: “Me too.” Do you feel responsible for making that whisper a roar?


Jenny Lawson: People make their own decisions but I’m really proud that so many have been inspired by me and I feel like I’ve been even more inspired by them.  It’s a circle, really.  I feel very lucky to be a part of this community.


Amy Lyle: You live with not one, but two, taxidermied raccoons named Rory, had a possum infiltration at your property, were responsible for an unauthorized ferret release and saw squirrels in your shrink’s office, what is it with you and rodents?


Jenny Lawson: They seem to find me.  I suspect it’s the cat food I keep in my pockets.  Not regarding the taxidermied ones, of course.  They’re picky eaters.


Amy Lyle: In Furiously Happy you build a case to adopting a cat and naming it “The President.” Benefits include being able to say, “The President will not stand for this,” and “I like sleeping with the President…” what impact do you think the adoption would have on your cat, Ferris Mewler, and dog, Dorothy Barker?


Jenny Lawson: The cats and dog are already feeling overcrowded, so I suspect they’d be actively campaigning for impeachment.


Amy Lyle: What are three reasons people should check out your new book?


Jenny Lawson: To feel less alone. To feel better after comparing themselves to me.  To laugh or cry, depending on the page.


Amy Lyle: We have a lot in common: we both spend a lot of time in our pajamas, utilize crafty strategies to distract and confuse our husbands from our shenanigans and have histories of not behaving in public, I think we should be best friends.


Jenny Lawson: Totally.  But only if we can braid each other’s hair.


More About Jenny & Amy:

Jenny Lawson has made millions of people question their own sanity, runs the funniest blog in America, TheBloggess.com and is considering donating her body to a pig farm when she passes. Furiously Happy is available everywhere.

Amy Lyle lives in Forsyth with her husband, four teenagers and a large dog. Her first book, The Amy Binegar-Kimmes-Lyle Book of Failures is a top eBook on Amazon.