Many teens undergo wisdom teeth extraction before heading to college. Parents are faced
with the decision of selecting an oral surgeon. Very few teens, however, get the opportunity to be
on the other side of the dental care industry-promoting the services of a dental surgeon to other teens and their parents.
That’s exactly what happened at South Forsyth High School. Students, primarily freshmen enrolled in marketing principles classes, created new branding and promotions for the Oral, Facial, and Implant Surgery Center located in Cumming.
Working in teams, marketing students spent several weeks creating branding colors, magazine ads, direct mail pieces,
social media strategies, and other promotional plans. Kay Rector, marketing director for the surgery center,  visited the school to listen to the students pitch their ideas. Finalists in various design categories were then selected by Ms. Rector, oral surgeon,
Dr.Joseph Ducksworth, and office staff. Additional voting took place on the Oral, Facial, and Implant Surgery Center’s Facebook page. Certificates were awarded to the student winners in an awards ceremony at Cheeky’s Mexican Grill on May 16th.
Ninth grader, Isabel Hui, found the project exciting knowing that the oral surgery practice plans to use some of the winners’
marketing ideas in future advertising campaigns.
“My favorite part of the experience was going through the process that real marketers use when creating campaigns. We used the same thought process and even the same software. Knowing that marketing is something I want to pursue as a
career, this assignment gave me valuable insight into what the work atmosphere is like,” she reflected.
“We would like to thank the Oral, Facial & Implant Surgery Center for allowing our students to experience the skill sets and job
responsibilities of marketing professionals. Our students worked hard on their projects”, states marketing teacher, Dr. Nancy Ruff. Always looking for ways to connect with the community, Dr. Ducksworth added, “The Oral, Facial & Implant Surgery Center is incredibly proud of the students who participated in the project. The students’ marketing talents were truly impressive. This real-world marketing project gave us the opportunity to engage with bright, creative, and achievement-focused marketing students at South Forsyth High School. We hope this opportunity inspired the students to pursue a career in marketing.”
Student winners are
as follows:
Best Logo
Andrew Goettee
Bryce Balthaser
Alberto Negrete
Best Branding Colors
Ryan Ott
Best Magazine Ad
Erin Utz
Sydney Britton
Caroline Romeo
Best Direct Mail
Morgan Bennett
Olivia Heiser
Best Event Poster
Aryan Kodu
Trevor Bryk
Best Referral Contest Flyer
Aryan Kodu
Trevor Bryk
Best Event Idea
Kate Ward
Dennisse Rodriquez
Varsha Venkatanathan
Best T-shirt Design
Rachel Veal
Manthan Sonawnee
Morgan Nale
Bea Conttani
Best Social Media
Matthew Vogel
Jack Sheppard
Davyd Vlad
Best Presentation
Cameron Farris
Isabella Frank
Eric Scott
Best Presentation Board
Julia Dame
Katie McRae
Anjali Sanganna
Best Prepared for
Carter Southwick