Allergy and Asthma Season Is In Full Swing

When springtime rolls around you can count on a few things: spring cleaning, setting the clocks forward and allergy season. Morrow Family Medicine wishes we could help you out with the first two but, in reality the latter is what we handle best.

If you’ve spent even a single spring in North Georgia, your mind’s eye can see it: pollen.

Everything in the state it seems spends a month or two covered in the yellow stuff. Its presence can severely impact your quality of life should you have even the slightest allergy. But what can you do short of moving to a place where pollen doesn’t exist? Follow these tips to make sure that your springtime is as allergy and misery free as possible.

  • Keep yourself pollen-free: Shower after coming inside. Make sure you wash your hands regularly and often to keep from spreading pollen around.
  • Keep your house pollen-free: Wash everything including: bed sheets, rugs and furniture to avoid pollen accumulation.
  • Maintain your air filters: Check and replace the air filters in your home, car or office.
  • Ask your doctor about OTC solutions: Over-the-counter drugs like Zyrtec, Claritin and Allegra act as preventative measures, while Tylenol and Benadryl provide immediate relief.

Asthma sufferers can have a tough time in spring as well. Pollen particles in the air tend to set off asthma attacks in those with chronic disease and since so many asthmatics also suffer from allergies as well, spring can be a dangerous time. Here are a few tips for asthma sufferers to follow.

  • Keep your medications up to date: This might seem like a no-brainer, but there are few things scarier in this world than not being able to breathe normally. Keeping a rescue inhaler on your person at all times is a must when pollen is in the air.
  • Plan your outside time: Pollen tends to be much worse during the daytime hours; asthmatics are encouraged to stay indoors as much as possible during the day.
  • Shower at night: Doing so not only washes off the pollen stuck to you from during the day, it also prevents pollen from finding its way into your bed.

Following these tips can help even those with the most severe allergies and asthma enjoy the spring in Atlanta. Whether you want to check out a ballgame at the new Sun Trust Stadium or simply work in your garden, there are ways to keep everyone healthy and happy as we march toward summer.

If your allergies have the best of you or your asthma is not under control the Morrow Family Medicine team is here help. Remember left untreated chronic conditions can lead to serious problems quickly. Let the caring MFM team help you breath easier.

Happy Spring!

The Morrow Family Medicine Team

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