It’s February, and with this month comes the oh-so-wonderful Valentine’s Day! I know you’re still recovering from the wave of debt spilling from your holiday purchases, but this month is worth every penny you spend, because you’re not investing in the extended family member you barely know… you’re investing in the love of your life.
The great thing about love is that it adds beauty to the simplest things. Most couples enjoy just sitting together, not doing much of anything. And this is good enough for them because they aren’t concerned about what they’re doing, as much as who they’re doing it with. And this is why love, and taking the time to celebrate it, should be towards the top of your priority list. Here are six simple, affordable dates for Valentine’s Day that are sure to make their way into the anniversary album!

  1. Movie Night In
    Who says you have to go out to have a good time? Cook a delicious Italian dinner together, complete with wine and chocolates. Cuddle in your pajamas and the rest is history.
  2. Ice Skating
    Nothing like a trust/bonding exercise to bring you closer! Hold hands throughout the rink and try your best not to pull the other down with you. The first one to slip pays for dessert afterwards!
  3. Dressy Dinner at Your Favorite Restaurant
    Who doesn’t love dressing up and going out to eat? The only problem is that everyone else will be doing the same, so make your reservations early to avoid the hassle of an 11:00 pm dinner. (Yes, this happened to us).
  4. Couples Massage
    Nothing better than a relaxing massage to ease your stress and tension. As one of the pricier options, I recommend pairing this with a home cooked dinner for two.
  5. Dinner at a Local Vineyard
    Nothing says romance like a balcony table and a tall glass of wine. Put on your fanciest attire and delight yourselves with a well-deserved treat! Just make sure that you reserve in advance.
  6. Love Jar Activity
    Who doesn’t enjoy being told how much you love them? This activity allows you to tell them every day without saying a word! Grab two mason jars, one for each of you, and fill them with 365 reasons why you love each other. Turn on some of your favorite tunes while you work, and exchange jars once you’re both finished. It’s a sweet love gift that lasts all year!

I hope that I’ve given you a few fun ideas and wish you a happy Valentine’s Day!

By Allie Costley is a marketing professional and a senior at The University of North Georgia. She also provides freelance writing and photography services. She can be reached at or