The Rebound – The Key to Success

Just as in business, many life truths get played out daily on sports fields and courts all over the world.  Perfection is impossible, follow through is essential – it’s how you rebound that matters! 

In baseball, professionals can make a career out of hitting the ball 3 out of 10 times they try and get paid huge for doing so.  How would you react at work if you only got something “right” every 3 times you tried it?

In basketball they measure field goal percentage by how many times you shoot the ball and how many times did goes into the basket.  You’d think that THIS statistic would be the most important key to winning the game, but it isn’t.  What is?  Rebound percentage!  You can be playing another team with a higher field goal percentage, but if your rebounding is better you have MORE shots on goal. Those additional chances can win the game.

Since we won’t get it right every time, we have to follow the ball and EXPECT that a certain percentage of the time we’re NOT going to hit the mark.  The key is to position ourselves to be right there to catch the ball if it DOES miss, change our angle and shoot again.   

Since perfection isn’t possible in business either, our follow through and rebound ability is just as critical.  How well are YOU rebounding?

We still need to learn the lessons from missed shots – drops in sales, staff retention, loss of customers.  But, what we choose to DO with what we learn is the key.   Instead of focusing on the missed goals from the past, we must focus on the next shot with enthusiasm and determination.

In her book “The Bounce Back Book” Karen Salmansohn gives this assignment when we struggle with rebounding, “Whenever you’re tempted to dwell in the past repeat this single word: Forward.”

Using the word “forward” in business or in life can keep you focused onward to give you the speed and strength to rebound and win the game.


Jackie S. Martin is the Chief Motivational Office of A Matter of Motivation LLC.  She’s a 20 year training/speaking veteran, an Instructor for UNG Professional and Continuing Ed, and a John Maxwell certified trainer.  Jackie may be reached at 678-457-4778 or

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