Band members Kyle Busch, Tommy Oakley, Davis McMakin and Jordy Quinn met in high school and spent their days listening to All Time Low while practicing their instruments in the basement of Kyle’s parents’ house. Four years after forming Next Year’s End, the Forsyth-native band has released two EPS, three singles and are looking to produce their first full-length album soon with the help of Rian Dawson, drummer of All Time Low.

“Rian helped us out on our latest EPS, Faceless.” Tommy Oakley, the band’s lead vocalist and guitarist, said. “We sent him some of our songs and he really liked them. It started with us doing one song with him, Fall, then he asked for more stuff to mix. Eventually he asked us to come up to Nashville and record some of the songs in his studio.”

Every song Next Year’s End has released to date was first completed in the basement of Kyle’s parents’ house. “It’s kind of our good luck charm,” said Kyle, “We finish the songs at my parents’ house, do a first recording at our own studio White Rabbit Recordings in Forsyth, then send them up to Rian and go up to Nashville to record them there.”

Since the release of their seventh track EP, Faceless, in June, Next Year’s End has checked one more item off their bucket list: opening for Red Jumpsuit Apparatus.

“If you had told 8th grade me I’d be opening for Red Jumpsuit one day I would’ve freaked out,” bass player Kyle Busch said. The band made this a reality at The Masquerade in September, which Kyle and Tommy both agree is their favorite venue they’ve played so far. The Masquerade has been a staple in the local Atlanta music scene since it opened its doors in 1988. Most of the bands who play this venue are of the indie rock, metal, punk rock, rockabilly, and electronic variety, ranging from local acts to internationally known ones. Next Year’s End falls into the local New Pop Punk genre. In November 2016 the historic original location of The Masquerade was demolished, and the venue moved to their new location in Underground Atlanta. Next Year’s End has played at both locations, and while they will always be nostalgic for the old venue they grew up seeing their favorite bands play at, they can’t deny that the new location is an improvement as well as a great hang-out spot.

Tommy said, “Our favorite thing about getting to play with such a recognizable band was getting to share our music with all those new ears who have never heard us before. Red Jumpsuit Apparatus was such a great band to play with. They even bought a shirt from us.”

Next Year’s End loves their fans and make sure to keep in touch with them as well as reach out to potential new fans. With a large social media following, Kyle and Tommy both said social media has been their best friend.

“We learned early on the internet was a great tool to connect with people who listen to our music. The more you engage with the people who like your music, the more you build a connection with them and that’s really cool,” Kyle said.

Another way the band gets the word out about their music is by giving out free water bottles with a Next Year’s End sticker at concerts in their genre, and anyone who has ever been to a concert knows the value of a free water bottle mid-show.

With ambiguity as their calling card, Next Year’s End has a lot in store for their fans. Along with writing music for a new hopefully full-length album, they are also working on booking more shows at The Masquerade and making a music video. For anyone reading this hoping to start a band of their own in Forsyth, Kyle and Tommy gave these words of advice, “Keep practicing, always be learning. If you think you have something good and have a talent, go for it. That’s the only way anything gets done. Just going for it, giving it your all. No plan b, no fall back.”

Here’s to another year of success for Next Year’s End.

By Katielee Kaner


Tommy Oakley, Lead vocal/guitar
Kyle Busch, Bass/backing vocals
Davis McMakin, Lead guitar
Jordy Quinn, Drums

Social Media Stats

21.5K Twitter followers
568 Spotify followers
1,070 Facebook likes
3,318 Instagram followers

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